Solstice sunrise 2023

The Sun rises from my location in the UK every single day, although some of those days are totally clouded out of course! On 21 June, the sunrise is special because from the Northern Hemisphere, this is the point where the northern rotational pole of the Earth is tilted maximally towards the Sun for the year. Astronomically it’s the start of summer.

This morning, I ventured down to Thornton Reservoir in Leicestershire which is near to where I live, and spent a pleasant hour with ducks, geese and swans, along with a visit from the local police force. Not sure if they were tipped off to a strange individual at the reservoir or whether they just wanted to see the sunrise too. Whatever, they didn’t disturb me.

This solstice sunrise was perfect – no clouds to spoil the view. From my usual location (I’ve photographed the sunrise from Thornton Reservoir every year since 2019) the solstice Sun rises exactly at a point in the horizon bounded by a tree-lined hill to the left and a more distant horizon to the right. A beautifully serene experience despite the early start!

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